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Apple Licenses 1-Click from Amazon.com

Apple Licenses 1-Click from Amazon.com -- Apple announced that it has licensed Amazon.com's controversial 1-Click ordering patent for use at the online Apple store. Apple is the first company not affiliated with Amazon.com to license the patent. After you sign up for 1-Click ordering, which stores personal billing and shipping information on Apple's servers, you can buy items without going through the typical multi-step ordering process. Although many online retailers offer a variation of 1-Click ordering, Amazon was granted a patent on its implementation in February 2000 (see "Amazon.com Awarded Affiliate Program Patent" in TidBITS-520). Other online merchants and industry figures, such as publisher Tim O'Reilly, have criticized the patent. Apple's license also includes the use of the 1-Click trademark, and is no doubt as much of a marketing opportunity as an improvement to its online ordering. [JLC]

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