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Translators Needed

Translators Needed -- For the last year or so, teams of dedicated volunteer translators have created award-winning translations of TidBITS in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. These teams could use additional volunteers to spread the load. Each team works a bit differently, but all could use more volunteers to translate an article every week or so. If you're interested in helping support the Macintosh in your country or language, please contact the appropriate coordinator below. [ACE]

Chinese -- Peter <webmaster@appleclub.com.hk>
Dutch -- Sander Lam <sanderlm@knoware.nl>
French -- Chantal David <csamuel@excelsior.fr>
German -- Walter J. Ferstl <ferstl@carrier.co.at>
Japanese -- Shuichi Odaka <odaka@iprolink.ch>
Spanish -- Javier Pedreira <wicho@encomix.es>


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