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Spring Cleaning 6.0 Eliminates Crud

by Adam C. Engst

Spring Cleaning 6.0 Eliminates Crud -- It's spring (at least in this hemisphere, so bear with me if you're south of the equator), when a young geek's fancy turns to removing unnecessary files from his hard disk, improving performance, and making sure no one can snoop around and find out where exactly his fancy has turned. Staying seasonal, Aladdin Systems has released Spring Cleaning 6.0, the latest version of their uninstaller, which munches cookies, recycles empty folders, clears out incriminating Internet caches, dumps orphaned preferences files, and much more. New in 6.0 is the capability to throw out unnecessary operating system language files (no, leaving <insert language here> active on your Mac won't help you learn to speak it), delete Sherlock's cookies, and work with Opera and Safari. Spring Cleaning works with Mac OS 9.1 and up, or Mac OS X 10.1.5 and later, and comes in English, German, French, and Japanese versions. It costs $50 new, and you can upgrade from a previous version or a competitive product for $20, or from any other Aladdin product for $30. [ACE]