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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/14-Jul-03

TidBITS Ice Cream Social 2003 -- If you'll be in New York City on Tuesday, 15-Jul-03, and want to meet me and other TidBITS readers, come by the TidBITS Ice Cream Social at 8 PM at the Paramount Hotel. Details below. (1 message)


Reselling an iPod -- Want to resell your iPod and buy a new one? Read this for information on how to wipe the old one clean first. (2 messages)


Moving virtual memory swap files -- The discussions of optimizing hard disks morphed into a question of whether or not you can improve performance by moving Mac OS X's virtual memory swap files to another disk or partition. (17 messages)


iBook battery problems -- Recent versions of Mac OS X 10.2.x have seemingly caused and resolved problems with iBook batteries, so this thread is worth a read if you're having battery problems of any sort. Unfortunately, none of the suggestions have helped Adam resurrect his blueberry iBook's battery. (10 messages)


Software Update operations -- Two facts of note: Software Update can operate fully only when an admin user is logged in, and there's a command line version that's also available. (4 messages)


More on color management -- Readers chime in with additional details on Keith Cooper's article on color management. (4 messages)


iTunes Music Store exclusive CD -- Apple scores an exclusive CD for the iTunes Music Store - the soundtrack to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Of course, if you want to buy a physical CD, there's still an option for that too. (2 messages)


Reading TidBITS on the Palm -- Lots of different methods of reading issues of TidBITS on Palm OS handhelds, including a four-year-old conversion service from Dave Charlesworth. (7 messages)



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