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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/18-Aug-03

Scams aimed at users of PayPal and other sites -- More details on the PayPal scam spam, along with some complaints about how PayPal and eBay deal with reports. (9 messages)


Text snippets while away from home -- Everyone seems to be interested in keeping interesting snippets of text, but what do you do if you're away from home? Solutions here. (4 messages)


Comments on VXA-2 -- Adam switched from the Exabyte VXA-1 tape drive to a FireVue-based hard drive backup strategy, but a reader is curious if anyone has tried Exabyte's VXA-2 tape drives. (1 message)


Apple's share of the PC market -- Every press article likes to point out that Apple has only 3 to 5 percent of the overall market, but does that matter at all? Some say yes, but others think it's a bogus statistic. (14 messages)


Serious data archiving -- We don't pretend that a hard drive-based backup strategy is appropriate for serious data archiving, so what is? (3 messages)


Building a better challenge-response system -- Challenge-response systems for reducing spam aren't inherently evil, it's just that most have significant problems. What's necessary to build a better one? (4 messages)


International power adapters -- What do you need if you're going to travel around the world with your PowerBook or iBook? Read this thread for the answers. (7 messages)


Complaints about the 17" PowerBook -- After Michael Shappe's review, there had to be some complaints, but we were expecting more than one. (3 messages)



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