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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/08-Dec-03

How does an app attract fans? What factors draw devoted users to a product? Beyond features and price, readers discuss other things (such as the "underdog-ness") that make some software stand out from the pack. (15 messages)


iPod battery life -- Some people see their iPod batteries drifting off after two years, while others' batteries are still going strong. What factors contribute to iPod battery life, and what are the options for repairing or replacing them? (21 messages)


Shootout at the Disk Repair Corral -- David Shayer's excellent article comparing disk repair utilities prompts discussion of others' experiences with disk failures and other issues. (26 messages)


2003 Holiday Gift Ideas: Hardware -- It's time for gizmos, gadgets, and honkin' big Power Macs. What hardware gifts do you suggest to plug into your Mac? (9 messages)


2003 Holiday Gift Ideas: Software -- Hand your niece or nephew some source code... or, be traditional and get some pre-compiled software for the holidays. Which titles do you favor? (12 messages)


2003 Holiday Gift Ideas: Games -- Whether you prefer to save the universe or puzzle through some good brain-benders, which game titles do you recommend? (11 messages)


2003 Holiday Gift Ideas: Computer Miscellaneous -- Have a gift idea that doesn't fit into an easy category? Suggest it here! (24 messages)


2003 Holiday Gift Ideas: For the Macintosh-minded -- Mac users do have other interests, you know. What would your favorite Apple enthusiast appreciate? (5 messages)



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