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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/24-May-04

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Mac Browser Security Hole -- Readers discuss the reality of the recently reported Mac OS X security hole and what should be done about it. (4 messages)


New AppleScript Trojan Horse -- Does fault lie with the person who writes a Trojan horse, or with the outlets that publicize the fact and thereby encourage others to do so? (8 messages)


Thoughts about WriteRight -- Readers contribute their ideas and opinions about an ideal Mac word processor. (31 messages)


Discussing Mellel -- Tune in on a conversation about Mellel between Adam and the CEO of the company that makes the word processor. (5 messages)


Problems with Disc Labeling -- After we wrote about the release of disclabel 2.0, a reader points out the problems that applying disc labels to CDs and DVDs can cause. (4 messages)



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