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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/07-Jun-04

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Mac Browser Security Hole -- Readers continue to discuss the Mac OS X security vulnerabilities discovered over the past few weeks (23 messages)


Tactile Pro Keyboard feedback -- TidBITS sponsor Matias asks for reader opinion on offering a keyboard with modified Option and Control keys. (7 messages)


Ideal auto-save behavior -- Several programs offer the capability to save your data automatically while you work, but how well do they accomplish this task? (4 messages)


FrameMaker replacements -- Adobe announced that it will no longer develop its long-document layout program. What other tools are available, and how do they compete with FrameMaker - if at all? (16 messages)


How Envision should work -- The beta release of Open Door Software's Envision prompts comparisons to digital picture frames, as well as suggestions for the upcoming 1.0 version of the Web image viewing application. (2 messages)



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