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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/28-Jun-04

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Random Eudora questions and comments -- Our last poll about email program usage prompts specific queries about Eudora. (16 messages)


Atlassian's JIRA issue-tracking database -- Java developers comment on JIRA and other Java development tools. (4 messages)


iTunes Music Store in Europe -- Readers note VAT prices with the European stores and bemoan the lack of an iTMS in Canada. (8 message)


Comments on Word 2004 -- Matt Neuburg's review of Microsoft's new word processor provokes opinions on improvements to the program and whether or not they really are improvements. (4 messages)


Commenting on the Email Client Poll -- Although the poll asked for readers to vote for a single email program, some people rely on several methods of getting their email throughout the day. (8 messages)



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