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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/27-Sep-04

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Clipboard History Applications -- Readers suggest several utilities that can store more than one chunk of clipboard data at a time and perform various manipulations on the clipboard contents. (4 messages)


Macintosh Version Control Systems -- The Mac boasts a few version control systems, such as Perforce, which is also supported by BBEdit. (3 messages)


Wireless iPods -- Apple took every Mac wireless long ago; how long will it be before the iPod frees itself of its cables as well? (6 messages)


Address Book Auto-complete Values? Apple's Address Book features an aggressive auto-complete feature, with no indication of where those values are stored in the event that you want to change them. (4 messages)


More on Apple Remote Desktop -- Adam's review of Apple Remote Desktop 2.0 prompts additional comments and comparisons to other remote-control applications. (8 messages)



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