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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/01-Nov-04

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Experiences with Missing Sync & Friends -- A reader runs into irregularities when synchronizing his Palm handheld using The Missing Sync. (4 messages)


DVDs and NTSC/PAL -- DVD video is stored as compressed MPEG2 data, but is there a difference between DVDs formatted with the NTSC and PAL video standards? (5 messages)


Useless password prompts -- One security feature of Mac OS X is that the user is prompted to enter his or her administrator password before installing certain types of software. But is the frequency of such password prompts making people less diligent about verifying the validity of what actions are being requested? (7 messages)


Editing JPEGs and losing information -- Charles Maurer's articles about working with digital photos brings up the question of how best to shoot and import your pictures without encountering JPEG compression, which discards image data. (4 messages)


Sending HTML Messages from Eudora -- Some people would argue that HTML email is evil, while others acknowledge that sometimes it's useful or even essential. Setting aside the philosophical implications of flirting with pure evil, how would one correctly send HTML-formatted messages from Eudora? (4 messages)



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