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New AirPort USB Printer Compatibility List

by Glenn Fleishman

New AirPort USB Printer Compatibility List -- Unfortunately, Apple no longer publishes a list of USB printers that are compatible with the AirPort Express and AirPort Extreme Base Stations (those models include a USB port that turns the base station into a print server for any computer on your wireless network). When I asked why, Apple said the list had become unwieldy. That's a shame, since there's no definitive place on manufacturers' Web sites to find out which printers work with these Apple base stations. You don't want to buy a base station and find out your USB printer is incompatible; nor do you want to buy a printer for your base station only to find out that it's incompatible.

A new list has appeared: the iFelix Unofficial AirPort Extreme and Express Printer Compatibility List. It features several simple layers of information: printers that were on Apple's list at one point are in bold; those added later are in plain type; those James Clay (the author of the iFelix list) himself has tested are in dark red. The page also lists known incompatible printers and known compatible Wi-Fi-enabled printers. It's a great list, and I suggest that if you have information to add, you contribute to it and hope that iFelix keeps up the good work. A thread at the Apple Discussions for AirPort Express may also be of use. [GF]

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