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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/10-Jan-05

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Personal Finance Software -- Quicken is the undisputed champ when it comes to personal finance software, but alternatives do exist. How do they stack up? (24 messages)


How many updates is too often? At what point does a developer's software updates overwhelm its users? And do beta releases count as updates? (12 messages)


iPhoto-like options for Mac OS 9? Readers suggest software options that offer some of the functionality of iPhoto, which runs only under Mac OS X. (5 messages)


Backing up both Mac and Windows computers -- A program such as Retrospect can handle backing up data on a mixed-environment network, but what issues are likely to arise with other software? (7 messages)


Take Control of Backups for low end users -- Joe Kissell's Take Control of Mac OS X Backups ebook covers how to create an effective and thorough backup plan, but some readers look for something even simpler. (30 messages)


'Shared' Mail and Browser on Multiple Macs -- A reader with multiple Macs in his house wants to be able to go to any machine and access his own email and Web settings. It sounds like a simple problem, but the solutions can be complicated. (19 messages)



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