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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/24-Jan-05

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New WireTap vs Audio Hijack Pro Thread -- Readers compare two popular programs used to record streaming Internet radio and other audio on the Mac. (6 messages)


Long term maintenance of domain names -- Currently, maintaining domain names is a job for the technically inclined, but some partial solutions are available for people who may not be versed in the Internet's plumbing. (11 messages)


Mac and TV convergence -- What does it mean to watch TV on your computer? And does it even make sense at all? (7 messages)


Mac mini -- The discussion of Apple's new Mac mini continues unabated. (93 messages)


Apple's Cash Hoard -- Spurred on by Apple's last record financial quarter, people wonder if Apple could drop the price of the Mac mini even further, taking a loss in order to boost market share. (18 messages)



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