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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/07-Feb-05

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Networked hard drives -- Got spare hard drives laying around? Some new products help you put them onto your network without requiring a computer as a host. (3 messages)


Transferring Large Files via Email -- Following Adam's article about using YouSendIt to transfer large files via email, readers chime in with their experiences using Skype and iChat. (3 messages)


Control a PowerBook through a KVM switch -- Use a KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switch to share components between a PowerBook and another computer. (5 messages)


Not impressed with new PowerBooks? Setting aside the fantasy of Apple announcing PowerPC G5-based PowerBooks, some readers think the newest speed-bump revision of Apple's professional laptop line lack excitement. (12 messages)


Network control of many Macs -- A presentation in a school computer lab prompts the question: can one control what's displayed on all the Macs? Yes! Read on for several intriguing solutions. (6 messages)



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