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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/28-Feb-05

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iPod shuffle Performance Problems -- Does the iPod shuffle perform notably more slowly than other flash drives when used for copying and deleting data? (7 messages)


Sharing iTunes but with different ratings for songs -- What do you do for ratings when you and your wife have diverging tastes in music but want to share the same iTunes Library? (4 messages)


iPod updates (and iPod photo redux) -- TidBITS Talk readers share their impressions of the new iPod mini and iPod photo models. (4 messages)


Apple Store (iPod) experience -- Apple does right by a reader who had ordered a 60 GB iPod just before the price drop. (3 messages)


Can two users share one iPod? The subject speaks for itself, and readers answer the question. (3 messages)


Problems with VERPs -- VERPs, or variable envelope return paths, an approach for managing bounces on mailing lists like ours, might run into problems with challenge-response systems. Then again, it's up to the person using a challenge-response system to make sure that mail from lists gets through. (3 messages)


Best Unix for old 68k and PPC Macs? More proof that old Macs don't die, they transmogrify. Readers submit suggestions for running Unix variants on old machines. (30 messages)


Migration help for switchers? A recent Mac convert needs help migrating email and other data from Windows, and the TidBITS Talk readership springs into action. (7 messages)


Wireless iPod feasible -- How realistic is it to expect a wireless iPod that can download music from anywhere? And if a service were to exist, would it increase the amount of music bought legally due to the ease and immediate gratification it could provide? (16 messages)



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