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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/14-Mar-05

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Good streetmap software for Macs? Do any companies make mapping software comparable to Microsoft Streets & Trips for Windows? Route 66 could be the answer, or online mapping sources. (2 messages)


Apple, FireWire, and USB -- Apple stopped bundling a FireWire cable with its new revision of iPods in favor of a USB 2.0 cable, leading to a spirited discussion of which format reigns supreme, including a long post from Michael Teener, who was the tech lead for FireWire at Apple in the 1990s. (22 messages)


Two-Fingered Blackout PowerBook Dropping -- Glenn Fleishman's article last week about the new features of the latest PowerBook models helps reveal not only the motion sensor hack mentioned in the article, but also a game based on the technology. (2 messages)


Auto scroll utility -- Is there a way for fast readers to scroll automatically through long Web pages (or other documents)? A few suggestions are tossed into the ring. (3 messages)


Mac OS X Window Behavior -- Jeff Carlson's article on the default behavior of Mac OS X windows spurs debate on which methods are "right" or "wrong," while alternative methods for bringing windows to the front are offered. (29 messages)


Domain Name Hoarding -- What's to be done about companies that buy blocks of domain names and sit on them without developing them? And is this really a problem? (24 messages)


QuickerTek antenna worked well -- A reader's attempts to improve the range of a PowerBook G4 Titanium prove successful. (1 message)


About DRM and copying -- Prices of many products in France and elsewhere, such as iPods, include markups that in effect assume you're going to use the product to steal copyrighted material. Is this type of front-loading tax at all effective? (9 messages)


Terminology surrounding shareware -- With large commercial developers offering trial versions of their products and then providing online payment and download (such as Adobe Photoshop), does the term "shareware" still retain its original meaning? (2 messages)



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