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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/04-Apr-05

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Tinderbox impressions -- Readers take the Tinderbox demo for a spin and compare how well the note-taker works over the long term. (3 messages)


Getting Tiger -- With Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger nearing completion, Amazon has posted a rebate offer for those who order Tiger now. (7 messages)


Who's clueless, the computer or the user? A hidden interface element leads to a fascinating discussion of design in software, interfaces, and real-world appliances. (25 messages)


Mini in your carry-on? Are you likely to cause a ruckus if you try to bring a Mac mini onto an airplane in your carry-on luggage? (10 messages)


Anyone using GoodPage? Following the recent DealBITS offer for Tari's GoodPage Web design software, a reader solicits opinions from other people who may have downloaded the demo version. (3 messages)


Other credit card number theft stories -- Clearly, Adam isn't the first person to have his credit card number stolen (as related in last week's issue). Others share their tales of frustration. (2 messages)


Introducing an elderly computer novice to Macintosh -- An elderly friend wants to buy a computer, but with no previous experience, what other sources should he or she look to for help getting up to speed? (25 messages)


Thoughts about identity theft -- Are credit cards more likely to be stolen than debit cards? What other steps can you take to protect your identity? TidBITS readers continue to offer good suggestions. (7 messages)


Mac-friendly GPS systems -- Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receivers are cool, but support on the Mac has always been spotty. One reader solicits suggestions for USB drivers and other information. (3 messages)



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