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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/25-Apr-05

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Maybe the World is Changing... -- Readers note that retail Apple Stores are getting significant traffic, even in locations where larger nearby businesses are seeing fewer customers. (17 messages)


An FM Transmitting Monster -- Geoffrey Bronner's review of the Monster iCarPlay prompts a reader's hands-on experience with the FM transmitter. (1 message)


Broadband Update Bigotry -- The most recent Mac OS X updates are tens of megabytes in size, making it difficult for people on dial-up Internet connections to keep their software current. (36 messages)


10.3.9 and Safari -- The latest Mac OS X update includes Safari 1.3, which has introduced problems on some systems. (12 messages)


Web site caching software -- A reader wants to store copies of Web sites on his computer, and receives several software suggestions. (5 messages)


Cheap Wireless Headphone Solution -- Instead of spending big bucks for a set of Bluetooth wireless headphones, a reader proposes an FM transmitter and FM stereo headphones for much less money. (2 messages)


iMovie 5.0.2 update -- Apple's latest iMovie update fixes some nagging bugs, but others remain. Matti Haveri provides a rundown of issues. (1 message)


Forced to use Microsoft OS to get and submit Federal grants -- A U.S. government contractor requires Windows to work with federal grants, so what does this mean for Mac users? PC emulation software, or an escalation to members of Congress? (4 messages)



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