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MacSpeech Dictate Profiles

Looking to improve recognition accuracy in MacSpeech Dictate? When recording, consider that ambient noise levels vary between locations. By creating a tailored profile for each location in which you record with MacSpeech Dictate, you can be assured of receiving optimum speech recognition accuracy.

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MathMagic Sponsoring TidBITS

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MathMagic Sponsoring TidBITS -- We're pleased to welcome our latest long-term sponsor, InfoLogic, a small company known for their powerful equation editor MathMagic. As anyone who has attempted to include even simple equations in published documents knows, creating high-quality equations for publications has historically been quite difficult, either in terms of actually creating the equations or producing attractive output. That's been particularly true when trying to insert equations into traditional layout programs. MathMagic got its start as a QuarkXPress XTension; the company has since created the standalone applications MathMagic Personal Edition and MathMagic Pro Edition. The Pro Edition differentiates itself from the Personal Edition by offering high-end features like Color EPS export, and plug-ins that enable users to create equations directly within Adobe InDesign 2/CS and QuarkXPress 5/6 without going through an import/export process. The Personal Edition is instead designed for people who need to insert equations - exported into TeX, EPS, GIF, JPEG, or PICT format - into word processors, presentation programs, and graphics software. MathMagic Pro Edition is available for Mac OS X (and Windows), whereas MathMagic Personal Edition is available for Mac OS X, the classic Mac OS, and Windows. So, if you find yourself needing to publish equations, give MathMagic a try. You can download the full version of each program and use it up to 30 times in trial mode.


It's great to see software of such utility to the scientific and engineering communities not only being made available for the Mac, but in the case of MathMagic, being made available first on the Mac, with Windows trailing behind. It's a testament to the increasing strength of the Mac in these technical worlds. We're glad to count InfoLogic among our sponsors, the list of which has also just been bolstered by the return of audio software maker Rogue Amoeba and distributor/reseller Dr. Bott. [ACE]


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