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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/13-Jun-05

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Annoyance with support for Apple software -- One person's bad experience with Apple tech support opens up a discussion on what one should expect when calling for support, in addition to first-hand reports of being on the other side of such calls. (9 messages)


Changing the FTP Server on Tiger -- Suggestions for switching FTP servers at the Unix level. (3 messages)


Pay to Play with QuickTime 7.0 Pro -- Adam's recent article about the QuickTime Pro upgrade fee elicits comments about whether the upgrade is worth the cost, as well as suggestions of utilities that provide similar functionality. (3 messages)


Emotional responses to the Intel transition -- Apple's impending switch to using Intel processors in the Macintosh line prompt lots of opinions. (48 messages)


Keeping Macs running Mac OS X -- Apple has said that Mac OS X will run only on Intel-based Macs that Apple sells, and not on any generic PC. The question is, how will they ensure this? (32 messages)


Intel transition: winners & losers -- Who stands to gain from the move to Intel-based Macs, and who will suffer? The gamut ranges from game developers to small Mac resellers. (7 messages)


Wither Darwin x86 -- Darwin, the open-source Unix core of Mac OS X, can already run on Intel's x86 processors. How does Apple's shift to Intel affect Darwin when Mac OS X will be able to run only on Apple hardware? (7 messages)


Apple's choice of chips -- We know that Apple is moving to Intel processors, but which ones? Speculation flourishes in the absence of any specifics from Apple. (11 messages)


Intel chips and DRM -- Some of Intel's new offerings may include processor-level digital rights management (DRM). Could this be an important factor in Apple's decision to move to Intel? (1 message)


Film scanners and software for a large scanning project -- Moving away from the Apple-Intel news, a reader asks for guidance on hardware and software for digitizing a large collection of negatives. (6 messages)



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