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DealBITS Drawing: Matias OS X Keyboard Winners

DealBITS Drawing: Matias OS X Keyboard Winners -- Congratulations to Joe Benenati of cox.net, Jan Ferrera of yahoo.com, Glenn Zieman of wi.rr.com, Eric Frampton of ericframpton.com, Don Andrews of mac.com, David Dunham of pensee.com, Amy Kvochick of kvochick.com, and Jean Ohlde of yahoo.com, whose entries were chosen randomly from 1,296 valid entries in last week's DealBITS drawing and who each will receive an OS X Keyboard from Matias, worth $29.95. In addition, our last two winners were referred to DealBITS, so Andrew Kvochick of yahoo.com and Robert Ohlde of macconnect.com will also receive a keyboard. Keep an eye out for future DealBITS drawings, and remember that telling your friends, family, and colleagues about new drawings is a great way to increase your chances of receiving a prize; nearly 10 percent of our entries this time came from people who learned about DealBITS from a friend. [ACE]



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