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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/08-Aug-05

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Flickering PowerBook screen -- A reader reports flaky flickering on his laptop screen, but is it worth the cost to repair the problem, or better to buy a Mac mini and an inexpensive LCD display? (2 messages)


Tiger Mail vs Spotlight -- The new version of Mail under Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger stores each message as a separate file to enable Spotlight searching, instead of as a large database. Readers discuss the pros and cons of this approach. (19 messages)


Segway sightings -- Where are people spotting the two-wheeled "personal transporter" devices in the wild? Although Segways haven't achieved broad acceptance, more people appear to be using them. (6 messages)


Hell Freezes Over: News at 11 -- News of Apple's multi-button Mighty Mouse draws the inevitable comparisons between the Red Sox winning the World Series and Apple using Intel processors. (23 messages)


Files vs. databases -- A look at flat-file versus relational database schemes, and how each is used in Mac OS X for specific uses such as Mail and iCal. (4 messages)


Mighty Mouse -- Apple's new mouse gets readers wondering about future Bluetooth models, as well as pondering the critter's internal workings thanks to detailed dissection photos on the Web. (13 messages)


WebObjects as CMS? A reader is looking for examples of Apple's WebObjects technology being used for content management systems. (4 messages)



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