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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/07-Nov-05

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Faxing problems from Tiger -- Mac OS X 10.4 slightly changed the way you send outbound faxes. (2 messages)


Comments about 10.4.3 -- A technical note in the most recent Tiger update prompts a discussion of whether "high ASCII" actually exists. Plus, readers note other changes, including a tip on getting a printer to work again after updating. (14 messages)


Permissions problem with 10.4.3 -- After upgrading to Mac OS X 10.4.3, a reader discovers that Disk Utility reports using special permissions for files that did not get the same treatment in 10.4.2. (3 messages)


10.4.3 breaks Mail Server -- The latest Tiger Server update isn't so kind to Mail Server. (3 messages)


Comparing AC Adapters -- Last week's review of three AC adapters encourages readers to submit their own impressions, including some helpful travel tips. (9 messages)


PowerBook Adapters -- More readers share their experiences with third-party AC adapters. (2 messages)



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