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DealBITS Drawing: Midnight Mansion Winners

DealBITS Drawing: Midnight Mansion Winners -- Congratulations to Tomas F. Serna of ngsec.com, Rob Hennessy of hyperion.com, Lynn Nebus of cox.net, James Feinberg of jamesf.com, and Chuck McDonald of log.on.ca, whose entries were chosen randomly in last issue's DealBITS drawing and who each received a copy of ActionSoft's Midnight Mansion. Even if you didn't win, you can save 10 percent off Midnight Mansion by placing an order using the third link below; this offer is open to all TidBITS readers through 17-Jan-06 and drops the price to $18. Thanks to the 443 people who entered, and keep an eye out for future DealBITS drawings! [ACE]

<http://www.tidbits.com/dealbits/midnight- mansion/>
<http://www.actionsoft.com/mm/dealbits/ register.html>


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