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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/09-Jan-06

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Printing a list of messages in an Entourage folder? A reader wants to print just a list of email messages, not the messages themselves, and is rewarded with an AppleScript solution. (2 messages)


Apple's Calculator vs. decimal places -- Calculator (the application, not the Dashboard widget) sometimes rounds decimal points incorrectly. But is it actually a feature instead of a bug? (11 messages)


Word processor for a book -- Attempting to write an entire book in a single Microsoft Word file is an invitation for trouble. Find out what other word processors are recommended by TidBITS Talk readers. (7 messages)


Cleaning up iPhoto Library -- iPhoto Buddy is nominated as a suggestion for taming a 5 GB iPhoto library. (2 messages)


UMN Mapserver -- Readers offer advice on running a mapserver, plus some information about one of the companies involved. (3 messages)


Super 8 Transfer -- What do you do with all those Super 8 movie rolls in storage? Several ideas emerge, ranging from re-shooting the projected movies to sending them out for professional digitizing. (7 messages)


Firefox bookmark location -- After updating the Web browser Firefox to the latest version, a reader's bookmarks disappear. In addition to discovering where Firefox stores its bookmark file, other folks chime in with their various Firefox experiences. (7 messages)



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