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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/30-Jan-06

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Turbo Tax problems -- Now that tax season has started in the United States, readers revive this thread comparing experiences with Intuit's tax-preparation software. (7 messages)


CCTV software for Macs -- A reader looks for Mac software that can read CCTV output, and discovers an inexpensive way to make panoramas! (3 messages)


Automated/batch lookup of longitude/latitude for city lists? Several methods of determining a city's longitude and latitude are available. (5 messages)


DVD Ripping Question -- Readers look at the many ways of ripping unprotected DVD content to one's hard drive for a variety of uses. (14 messages)


Converting AOL.ART compressed files -- Do you have lots of images saved from your days of using AOL? They're most likely compressed in a proprietary format, which can be accessed using a Windows program. (2 messages)


Referencing Photos in iPhoto 6 -- iPhoto 6 no longer requires that it copy your photos to its own directory. (1 message)


Tech support for ThinkFree Office -- A reader warns that one low-cost alternative to Microsoft Office offers almost nonexistent technical support. (1 message)


Switching from Entourage to Mail? Advice for making a mostly clean transition from these two email programs. (3 messages)


Questions about Sonos Digital Music System -- Andrew Laurence answers queries following his review of the Sonos Digital Music System. (1 message)



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