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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/27-Feb-06

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DVD audio into iTunes? How do you record a snippet of audio directly from a DVD? Read on to learn several different methods. (6 messages)


SMS Text Messaging Costs -- Some folks in the United States pay more to send a text message from their cell phones that it would costs to make a call. How does this compare in other markets around the world? (8 messages)


iPod nano as external storage device for beige G3 Macs running OS 9.2.2? Is it possible to use an iPod nano as a USB storage device for two Macs that aren't running Mac OS X? (2 messages)


Mac OS X 10.4.5 Fixes PowerBook Stuttering -- Lost in the details of the most recent Mac OS X Tiger update is a fix for an annoying problem where audio input would go into a feedback loop. (2 messages)


Are Input Managers the Work of the Devil? Matt Neuburg's article last week detailing the exploit used by the Leap-A malware prompts discussion of the scope of the problem. (6 messages)


Shell script exploit -- TidBITS readers look at the latest security threat and whether Web browsers other than Safari are vulnerable. (16 messages)



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