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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/13-Mar-06

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SquirrelMail vs. 10.4.5 Server -- Applying the latest Mac OS X Server update can make SquirrelMail stop working. (2 messages)


Drawing program for an 11-year-old child? A young Mac user has outgrown KidPix, so what's a parent to do? Read on for several suggestions. (7 messages)


Keychain susceptible to phishing attacks? What appears to be a fault in Keychain turns out to be an issue with Safari's autofill feature, reminding us that it's best to keep a sharp eye when filling out Web forms. (3 messages)


la la: Netflix meets Napster meets half.com -- A few services offer the capability to mail your unwanted CDs (and DVDs) to people who request them, and vice-versa. And what does the RIAA think of this? (4 messages)


No internal CompactFlash for MacBook Pro -- The MacBook Pro's new ExpressCard slot, while forward-thinking, is making it difficult for people who already own PC Card adapters. (3 messages)


Destroying optical media -- Paper shredders are inexpensive and invaluable these days, but what's the best way to get rid of CDs and DVDs? (16 messages)



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