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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/10-Apr-06

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Whither Eudora? News on development of the Eudora email application has been pretty quiet lately. Is it time to switch to Apple's Mail? (3 messages)


Rough numbers of Mac users -- How many are we? And where do you go to find this sort of information? (8 messages)


Comparing Business Card Design Software -- Joe Kissell's article comparing Business Card Composer and SOHO Business Cards yields readers' experiences, plus an inexpensive method of avoiding smudges on home-printed cards. (9 messages)


Where does iWeb save its files? Apple's Web design component of iLife '06 doesn't make it easy to locate your files in the Finder, as a reader discovers when trying to combine two sites. (4 messages)


RSA Anti-phishing -- Readers debate a proposed method of trying to stop phishing scams. (6 messages)


Boot Camp enables Windows XP dual-boot -- Last week's release of the Boot Camp beta prompts plenty of discussion. (34 messages)


Windows via virtualization -- Readers theorize about whether Apple's next move after Boot Camp is being able to run Windows within Mac OS X (see elsewhere in this issue for much more information). (20 messages)


Apple Just Saved Me $1000 -- Jeff Carlson's ExtraBITS post brings some focus on the importance of industrial design to Apple's success. (2 messages)


Crossing platforms with PowerPoint -- Tips on making PowerPoint presentations work under both Windows and Mac OS X. (1 message)


On partition wrangling -- Boot Camp can dynamically partition a hard drive without requiring that you erase and reinstall the operating system, but can you go in the other direction to combine multiple partitions into one? (2 messages)



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