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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/01-May-06

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Mac malware checker? What spyware-removal tools are available for the Mac, and are they needed? (13 messages)


Looking for DiskWarrior Justification -- Alsoft's disk directory recovery tool can be a lifesaver in an emergency, but is it a cure for all hard disk ills? (32 messages)


Windows XP Tips and Tricks follow-up -- Kevin van Haaren adds more information following his article on Windows XP for Mac users. (17 messages)


Remote Desktop 3 -- Readers discuss the latest version of Apple's remote-control application, including setting custom port access and encryption. (3 messages)


NovaMind -- A reader looks for opinions on NovaMind versus Inspiration or ConceptDraw MindMap Pro as tools for diagramming and brainstorming. (2 messages)


Apple and the Environment -- Readers discuss Apple's new extension of its computer recycling program. (15 messages)



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