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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/29-May-06

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Apple Reminds Us of Trusting, Verifying -- Glenn Fleishman's article about Apple's security measures for software updates brings up questions about other ways of verifying identity and revoking public encryption keys. (2 messages)


PGP Desktop 9 -- Readers note that PGP Desktop does not yet run on Intel-based Macs, but that GPG does. (3 messages)


5th Avenue Apple Store in NYC -- Apple opened its first 24-hour Apple retail store last week, while Dell announced that it would be building retail stores of its own (though customers won't actually be able to purchase physical products that can be taken home). (2 messages)


Eyestrain problems with LCDs -- A reader experiencing eyestrain after using an LCD monitor receives advice about possible causes and solutions. (9 messages)


Tigre en multilingue? Do you need to buy a localized copy of Mac OS X in the country of the language you need? It turns out that just one version handles it all, including spell-checking. (4 messages)


Swapping power adapters between laptops -- Apple ships power adapters for the MacBook and MacBook Pro that handle different wattages. Can you recharge a MacBook Pro with a MacBook adapter? We nail down the answer. (10 messages)


Migrating out of Eudora, to IMAP -- Chris Pepper's ongoing search for a portable email solution just might be coming to an end. (1 message)



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