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Add Notes to Pre-existing Recordings in Pear Note

While most people think of Pear Note as a tool for recording notes live, it can be used to take notes on pre-existing recordings as well. If you have an audio or video recording that you'd like to take notes on in Pear Note, simply:

  1. Drag the audio/video file to Pear Note and import it into a new document.
  2. Hit play.
  3. Click the lock to unlock the text of the note.

Now you can take notes that will be synced to the recording, just as if you'd recorded them live.

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Take Control News/05-Jun-06

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"Take Control of iWeb" Helps iWeb Users Work Creatively -- Apple's new iWeb application aims to help you build a Web site quickly and easily, but if you've found yourself stuck on the basics or unhappy with amateurish results, turn to Steve Sande's 123-page "Take Control of iWeb" for ideas and assistance. Steve provides step-by-step instructions for building an iWeb site and uploading it to .Mac or to your own Web host, and you can look over his shoulder as he works in iWeb's templates with a designer's eye. Steve teaches you the best ways to make the basic iWeb pages, including blog, podcast, and photo pages (via integration with the other iLife applications), but he also offers special coverage that goes beyond the basics. You'll learn how to create eye-catching graphical effects, encode podcasts and videos for use with iWeb, edit graphics so your site loads faster, make image maps, and even set up an online store. For those with multiple sites or multiple Macs, Steve explains how to edit one site on two Macs and how to store multiple sites in multiple iWeb files. Learn more and pick up your copy today!

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If you pre-ordered "Take Control of iWeb," now is the time to click the Check for Updates button on the PDF you downloaded; from the Web page that loads, you'll be able to download the full ebook. Thanks to the hundreds of people who pre-ordered, and special thanks to those who made comments or suggestions in the pre-release drafts.

Master Your iPod: "Macworld iPod and iTunes Superguide" -- Our friends at Macworld Magazine are back with the brand-new "Macworld iPod and iTunes Superguide," an 88-page collection of the best of Macworld's coverage of iTunes and the iPod, written by experts like Chris Breen, Dan Frakes, Kirk McElhearn, and Jim Heid. In 22 detailed sections, the ebook covers getting music onto your Mac (including picking the best encoding settings and how to import from tapes and LPs), managing your music (with a focus on large libraries, classical music, and podcasts), working with video (including conversion to the iPod), making the iPod connection (with one or more iPods and computers, even!), troubleshooting iTunes and iPod problems, and finding the best iPod accessories. It's too much to summarize here - read the expanded table of contents and foreword for the full scoop.

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If you just want help getting the most out of your music, iTunes, and listening on an iPod, the "Macworld iPod and iTunes Superguide," has you covered. But, if you're also curious about uses of an iPod that go beyond listening to tunes, you can take your iPod to the next level with our ebook, "Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music," on which you can save 25 percent when you buy both ebooks at once.

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Macworld's ebook design is different from ours, so be sure to download the sample to see what it looks like (and prints like, if you want to print it yourself). If you would prefer to buy it on paper, Macworld now has full-color printed copies available for $24.99.



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