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Take Control News/10-Jul-06

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Take Control Authors Speak... at Length -- When we aren't busy writing and editing, we can often be found talking about Take Control and the topics we cover in our ebooks. So if you're looking for a little drive-time distraction from the taillights and talk radio, give these podcasts a listen:

Joe Kissell talks about "Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac" on Chuck Joiner's MacVoices show and Gene Steinberg's Tech Night Owl Live; the book also received a 5 of 5 rating in a recent review.

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Similarly, Sharon Zardetto Aker chatted with Chuck on MacVoices and Gene on Tech Night Owl Live about fonts in Mac OS X and her two Take Control ebooks on that topic. Her ebooks also received a nice review on from Allan Warner, who notes that he's from the old school when it comes to books, but says that "Take Control of Font Problems in Mac OS X" was "the first electronic book that I've felt comfortable with."

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However, no author has been as busy talking as Steve Sande, author of "Take Control of iWeb". He made the rounds of Gene's Tech Night Owl Live and Chuck's MacVoices shows, and added an appearance on Shawn King's Your Mac Life (the archive of which is unfortunately no longer available).

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Meanwhile, Take Control Editor-in-Chief Tonya Engst and I made several appearances together on the MacNotables podcast, first in a joint show in which we talk about what it's like to work together, and most recently in a group discussion with Ted Landau and Chuck Joiner about my Take Control-bolstered #3 ranking in the recent MDJ Power 25 survey of who wields influence in the Mac industry. In between, I participated in another group show with Ted Landau and Andy Ihnatko, two great guys whose utter coolness is marred only by not having yet written Take Control ebooks, about Apple's latest ads, the problems with FileVault, and the Google Video Player for Mac. Last, but by no means least, I was interviewed about TidBITS, Take Control, and much more on the wonderfully named Dog Food for Thought Pawcast from Small Dog Electronics.

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