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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/10-Jul-06

The first link for each thread description points to the traditional TidBITS Talk interface; the second link points to the same discussion on our Web Crossing server, which provides a different look and which may be faster.

The Mystery of the Burnt Thighs -- Readers suggest alternatives for keeping a hot laptop cool. (8 messages)


10.4.7 Update -- The recent Mac OS X 10.4.7 update causes problems for some readers, especially related to use of the SOCKS proxy, while others see no difficulties. (10 messages)


Disable ssh password login under Tiger -- Readers discuss ssh password authentication settings, including a way to turn off passwords altogether (and whether that's a good idea). (6 message)


.Mac security question: security question & birthday were reset -- A reader suspects that her .Mac account has been compromised when she discovers that the challenge questions for password access have been changed. How could this have happened? (2 messages)


10.4.7 ate my printer? After upgrading to Mac OS X 10.4.7, printing errors crop up. Is it the operating system update, or perhaps old printer drivers? (4 messages)


Adam more influential than Gates -- Adam's placement at #3 on the MDJ Power 25 list puts him ahead of some low-profile billionaire from Redmond. How are the rankings compiled? (4 messages)


Mac OS X Routine Maintenance -- Randy Singer's Macintosh OS X Routine Maintenance Web site gets an update that should be useful for TidBITS Talk readers. (1 message)



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