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Have a large number of snippets and can't remember them all your abbreviations? Use TextExpander's Suggest Matching Abbreviations search feature. It makes finding your snippets fast and simple.

Set your hotkey combination by going to TextExpander > Preferences > Hotkeys. Once it's set, to use the Suggest Matching Abbreviations hotkey combination:

  1. Type a few characters of your snippet or its abbreviation.
  2. Press your hotkey combination immediately after typing the characters. (Don't enter a space before pressing the hotkey combination.)
  3. A popup menu appears with all snippets that contain the characters you typed. Scroll through them and click the one you want.

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Take Control News/07-Aug-06

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New Ebook Helps Mac Users "Sync Different" -- Maybe you've figured out how to sync songs to your iPod or Safari bookmarks via .Mac. But there's a whole universe of syncing options available to Mac users, and our latest ebook, "Take Control of Syncing in Tiger," brings that universe to your Macintosh, helping you with everything from iSync to the kitchen sync. Topics covered include syncing phone numbers to a mobile phone or PDA; syncing files between desktop and laptop Macs; and how to connect devices via Bluetooth, USB, FireWire, and Ethernet.

Written by long-time Mac expert Michael E. Cohen, this 135-page ebook provides an interesting and detailed look at how syncing works under the hood in Mac OS X, lays out what software and hardware you need to sync in your particular situation, and offers the best strategies for successful syncing. Finally, a troubleshooting section offers reassurance and practical advice for anyone who has experienced a syncing feeling upon realizing that the wrong data was overwritten.

Master iPhoto 6 with New Ebook -- Earlier this year, I was hard at work on a recurring project that has become a fixture in my life over the last five years: an update to my iPhoto Visual QuickStart Guide. This year's edition took a little longer than usual because it was one of the first Visual QuickStart Guides to be published in full color, but the print book recently hit the bookstore shelves. More to the point here, I've just finished turning it into an ebook that I feel is good enough to sell alongside our Take Control ebooks. Anyone can print to PDF, but a true ebook has bookmarks and links (colored, so you can see them) for both internal and external references (special thanks to Sid Steward for the PDF magic that linked up every page number in the index and colorized every link).

So if you've been pining for help with iPhoto 6, check out my "iPhoto 6: Visual QuickStart Guide." In it, I use concise, step-by-step instructions supported by numerous full-color screenshots to explain each task, one per page. (Those who have followed our exploits over the years might enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at our lives, since Tonya and Tristan feature heavily in the photos.) The book covers everything you can do in iPhoto 6, from importing and organizing to printing and presenting. It also includes a troubleshooting chapter with suggestions for dealing with problems, and an appendix offers numerous tips for taking better photos. The ebook version costs $15 (or less, if you buy it bundled with our other digital photography ebooks), and if you prefer to read on paper, there's a link on the page above to add it to your Amazon shopping cart (for $16, currently).


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