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Yojimbo 1.3 Adds Tagging

by Adam C. Engst

Bare Bones Software last week released Yojimbo 1.3 [1], an update to their information organizer (see "Let Yojimbo Guard Your Information Castle [2]," 2006-01-30). Version 1.3 of Yojimbo is most notable for its addition of tags, or user-defined keywords (of one or more words) that can be easily applied to any item in Yojimbo via the Quick Input Panel, the Inspector palette, the new Item Details bar, or AppleScript. Tagged items can then be located with searches or gathered together with Tag collections. Other changes include additional control over how Yojimbo accesses the Keychain, support for tables and lists in note items, and the capability to open links within Web archives in the background via Command-clicking. Yojimbo 1.3 requires Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later and is a free update [3] for all registered users. New copies cost $40, and a 30-day demo [4] is available.