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Untrash the Trash

Feeling trasher's remorse? On Snow Leopard, you can open the Trash (click the Trash icon in the Dock) and "untrash" individual items there. Select one or more trashed items (files and folders) and choose File > Put Back. This returns the items to where they were when you originally put them in the trash. The keyboard shortcut is Command-Delete - the same as the shortcut for trashing an item in the first place, since in deleting something from the trash you are untrashing it.

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Matt Neuburg


Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/22-Jan-07

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iPhone as an all-in-one remote control -- Why not use the iPhone as a remote-control for your Apple TV, too? This brings up the question of whether TV manufacturers are ever going to start including the programming software in the sets, versus requiring an extra set-top box. (2 messages)

Event-based sounds" -- Several methods are available for performing audible alerts that are linked to computer events. Here's how to take advantage of them. (3 messages)

Wireless mouse rollerball; weird Word problem -- A reader notes a peculiar lag when viewing Word documents by scrolling using his mouse's scrollbar. (2 messages)

Speculating on Leopard's ship date -- We had hoped to hear more details about Mac OS X 10.5 at Macworld Expo, but Apple kept mum. So, based on what's been reported online, when do you think Leopard will ship? (10 messages)

Mac-compatible webcams -- If you're looking for small video cameras other than Apple's iSight (which is no longer available), here's a place to start, including Mac software that supports most Windows-only webcams. (9 messages)

How to "untrust" a WiFi network? -- Follow these steps to make sure your Mac doesn't automatically join a particular local wireless network. (4 messages)

Latest Office updates -- A reader looks for help in determining if a font corruption issue has been fixed in the latest version of Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac. (1 message)

Apple and the enterprise -- Did Apple abandon the enterprise market, or is the term "enterprise" too hard to pin down? (8 messages)

IMAP in the iPhone -- A reader points out that the "push" IMAP email service provided by Yahoo to future iPhone owners is more comprehensive than normal IMAP. (2 messages)

Apple TV vs. other video solutions -- With the imminent release of the Apple TV, Elgato Systems is no longer producing its EyeHome device. Does this spell doom for other similar products, or does some of the limitations in the Apple TV provide a market opportunity? (3 messages)

New AirPort Extreme with 802.11n and 5 GHz -- Will the new AirPort Extreme's 5 GHz network frequency interfere with 5 GHz cordless phone systems? (2 messages)

ResEdit replacement -- What alternatives to the vaunted ResEdit are available for customizing Mac OS X? (4 messages)

Macworld SF 2007 Superlatives -- What do you think of our list of superlatives from this year's Macworld Expo? Tell us what we missed. (1 message)

Two Bucks for 100 Mbps 802.11n Enabler -- Apple will charge $2 to enable 802.11n firmware on some Macs (unless you purchase a new AirPort Extreme). The company claims it's due to legal accounting rules, but could it be because Apple is being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)? (6 messages)


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