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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/02-Jul-07

by TidBITS Staff

Initial iPhone impressions -- What are your initial impressions of the iPhone? (1 message [1])

Mac-friendly alternatives to Exchange? Microsoft's Exchange isn't the only game in town. What other mail and calendar servers are available? (5 messages [2])

iPhone Hypesteria -- Has the iPhone been over-hyped? The coverage of the device can be even more annoying outside the United States, where it's not likely to be available for some time. (8 messages [3])

Snapz Pro X 2.1 Goes Universal -- Ambrosia Software's highly regarded screen capture utility now runs natively on Intel-based Macs. Readers discuss how they use it to create professional screencasts. (4 messages [4])

iPhone confusion at AT&T -- A reader details confusion on the part of AT&T prior to the iPhone's release, and wonders how difficult it will be for people to get activated and transfer numbers from other carriers. (4 messages [5])

Odd AirPort Issue -- Here's an odd problem. Why would a MacBook connected via AirPort refuse to connect to Google's servers? (3 messages [6])

iPhone Language Capabilities -- What scripts can the iPhone display properly? (1 message [7])

iPhone and DUNS? Can an iPhone act as a modem for a laptop? (1 message [8])