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Apple Updates iWork '08 and Core 2 Duo Mac Firmware

by Jeff Carlson

Continuing its recent update spree, Apple released incremental versions of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers (collectively iWork '08), as well as firmware revisions for Intel-based Macs. The updates are available via Software Update or as stand-alone downloads. Unsurprisingly, the company doesn't offer much detail about what's changed other than performance improvements: Keynote 4.0.1 [1] (31.1 MB download) also addresses issues with builds; Pages 3.0.1 [2] (27.8 MB download) updates the change tracking feature; and Numbers 1.0.1 [3] (26.1 MB download) addresses issues with tables.

The EFI firmware updates "improve the performance and reliability of Intel Core 2 Duo processors and fix issues with Boot Camp" and are available for iMac (3.9 MB) [4], Mac Pro (2.8 MB) [5], MacBook (1.7 MB) [6], MacBook Pro (2.8 MB) [7], and Xserve (1.5 MB) [8] computers. Each installs an application in the Utilities folder (which is located in the Applications folder) that will update the firmware. Remember that doing so can lead to a dead computer if something goes wrong, so be sure you have a backup of your data; downloading Apple's Firmware Restoration CD 4.1 [9] utility and making a disc from it isn't a bad idea either (although I had no trouble on my MacBook Pro).