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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/01-Oct-07

by Jeff Carlson

Ethics of hacktivating an iPhone -- Readers continue a lively discussion of whether it's ethical to hack an iPhone to use it without AT&T's access plan? If you own the iPhone, isn't it yours to do with as you'd like? (119 messages [1])

Mac model naming conventions -- Apple's insistence on keeping one name to span multiple models can drive us journalists crazy, but it seems to be a good move for consumers. (10 messages [2])

What I love most about the iPhone -- We've covered the features, but what aspects of the iPhone inspire devotion from our readers? (8 messages [3])

What I hate most about the iPhone -- Looking at the other side of the coin, what features or experiences bug people the most? (22 messages [4])

Yugma Provides Free Web Conferencing -- A reader responds to Adam's article by comparing Yugma and Adobe Acrobat Connect. (1 message [5])

"Unlimited" data plans from O2 and others -- The iPhone cellular data plans offered by O2 in the UK aren't as unlimited as the name would suggest. (1 message [6])

iPhone Launch Date and Price Set for UK, with Murky Unlimited Data Plan -- A reader helps to clarify VAT pricing following the announcement of iPhone availability in the UK. (1 message [7])

Should I wait for OS 10.5 (Leopard) when buying a new iMac? As the release of Mac OS X 10.5 nears, a reader wonders if he should wait for availability before purchasing a new Mac. It would be easier to know when Leopard will drop, but Apple so far is saying only "October." (14 messages [8])

Apple PowerBook G4 Lower Memory Slot Repair Program -- Apple has apparently set up a repair program for PowerBooks with damaged memory slots that are hard-wired to the motherboard. However, other models outside the specified serial number range may also be affected. (1 message [9])

Making iMovie '08 play with iPhoto -- A reader has trouble viewing the many movies stored in iPhoto's library from within iMovie '08. (2 messages [10])

Retrospect Express and MacBook Pro -- A reader encounters difficulty with Retrospect Express on an Intel-based Mac. (1 message [11])

Amazon MP3 Takes on the iTunes Store -- Readers share their impressions of Amazon's new audio-download store, noting the selection and the ease of the process compared to iTunes. (8 messages [12])

Watching TV on a Mac -- EyeTV appears to be the way to watch television on a Mac, and readers share their experiences with the hardware and software. (8 messages [13])

Need a way to convert from Ethernet to WiFi -- A Power Mac Cube is destined for new life as a son's desktop computer, but the desk in question is too far from the Internet router and the Cube's AirPort is fried. What options are available? (4 messages [14])

Daylight Saving Time Rules Fixed for New Zealand -- A reader shares a simple fix for the lack of updated daylight saving time rules on Macs in New Zealand: tell the Mac you're in Russia! (1 message [15])