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Track Bandwidth Use with VirusBarrier X6

If you have monthly bandwidth limits, it's useful to know how much data you have used so far to avoid overage charges or being shut off by your ISP. But how do you determine how much data your Mac has transferred? Open VirusBarrier X6's Traffic window to see both current and cumulative traffic, and you can also create warnings when your data usage - incoming, outgoing, or both - exceeds an amount you specify.

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Mac Developers Launch Two Software Discount Promotions

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We at TidBITS are big fans of independent software developers. While larger firms produce massive, monolithic products that we use regularly in our working lives, smaller companies create gems that fill in the gaps. Plus, the small staff size of most independent developers means that they tend to be more responsive to requests and sometimes crazily fast in releasing updates in response to feedback.

That's why we're pleased as punch that not one, but two separate groups of Mac software firms have launched discount promotions for the holiday season.

MacSanta -- MacSanta returns from last year, when a few software developers launched a blanket 20-percent off discount on their products for a limited period, and then encouraged other firms to join. In the end, dozens of companies participated (see "MacSanta: You'd Better Not Pout," 2006-12-18).

Coordinator Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba explained how the MacSanta Web site works. For each day of the MacSanta promotion, starting 01-Dec-07 and running through 24-Dec-07, five different developers will offer a 20 percent discount off their normal pricing during that 24-hour period (Pacific Standard Time).

After the day on which they're featured on the MacSanta home page, all products will be offered at a 10-percent discount, through 31-Dec-07. The site has an RSS feed to which you can subscribe in order to receive updates as they appear. (Disclaimer: Take Control Books is participating in the MacSanta promotion.)

Feed Your Mac Habit -- New this year is the hilariously named Give Good Food to Your Mac site, featuring 28 products from European Macintosh developers. I heard about the promotion from MacRabbit, makers of my currently favorite program in the world, CSSEdit, and apparently one of the instigators of the promotion. Other participating companies include Aquafadas, Belight, Boinx, Cheetah3D, Coladia, Creaceed, Equinux, Iospirit, Jumsoft, Kletel, Objective Decision, Ovolab, Pixelmator, ProjectWizards, Realmac Software, Reinvented Software, and Softpress.

Give Good Food to Your Mac offers discounts based on the number of applications you buy together: buy 3 programs from their list and get 30 percent off. Buy 5 programs and save 40 percent; buy 7, save 50 percent; and if you buy 10 or more, you'll save a whopping 70 percent. The promotion ends on 08-Dec-07.


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