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Smarter Parental Controls

If you've been using the parental controls options in Mac OS X to lock your child out of using a particular computer late at night, but would like to employ a more clever technique to limit Internet access, turn to MAC address filtering on an Apple base station.

To do this, launch AirPort Utility, select your base station, and click Manual Setup. In the Access Control view, choose Time Access to turn on MAC filtering. You'll need to enter the MAC address of the particular computer, which (in 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard) you can find in the Network System Preferences pane: click AirPort in the adapter list, and click Advanced. The AirPort ID is the MAC address.


Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/14-Jan-08

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Backup Databases and Time Machine -- When it comes to backing up large database files (such as Entourage mail databases), Time Machine can be very inefficient and slow, since it backs up the entire file, not just recent changes. A reader suggests a workaround that backs up those files regularly, but not on Time Machine's hourly schedule. (4 messages)

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Aperture crashes -- Updating to Leopard causes Aperture to crash for a user, even under a clean test account. (1 message)

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Request for help: MacBook sound problem -- Why would a MacBook stop outputting sound? Readers suggest several possible fixes. (8 messages)

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Backing up Time Machine restores -- After restoring a Time Machine backup, the next Time Machine operation wants to make a duplicate backup, using up much more disk space. (4 messages)

Location-aware printing -- Leopard will recognize your location based on the network your Mac is connected to, and switch to using the local printer automatically - sometimes. Are there other location-aware applications that can do a better job? (7 messages)

Mail is Slow -- Readers bemoan performance of Mail under Leopard. (2 messages)

Widget Problem -- For some reason, Dashboard widgets refuse to appear for a user when Dashboard is invoked. Any suggestions? (2 messages)

Amazon MP3 Scores DRM-Free Music: What About Apple? Readers respond to Adam's article about Apple's capability to sell DRM-free music. Is Apple being excluded by the music labels, or will Macworld Expo bring more openness to the iTunes Store? (3 messages)

New 8800GT video card -- The new video cards available for the Mac Pro models announced last week appear to work only with the newest Macs, not earlier models. (1 message)


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