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Find Next Without Using the Find Dialog in Word 2008

Rarely do you want to find just one instance of a word or phrase in Word. Instead of trying to keep Word 2008's Find and Replace dialog showing while searching, which can be awkward on a small screen, try the Next Find control. After you've found the term you're looking for once, click the downward-pointing double arrow button at the bottom of the vertical scroll bar to find the next instance of your search term. The upward-pointing double arrow finds the previous instance, which is way easier than switching to Current Document Up in the expanded Find and Replace dialog.


Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/03-Mar-08

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Take Control Books -- A reader wants to know if a pair of Take Control books can help him migrate his data to a new Mac efficiently. (3 messages)

Problems with administrator access -- If applications are asking for administrator access that normally shouldn't, check the status of the user account. (4 messages)

Can the iPod shuffle get any smaller? Technology is ever shrinking, but is it realistic that the iPod shuffle will actually drop in size? A reader makes the case that we're seen the smallest iPod now, at least for the near future. (3 messages)

First key press problems on other Macs -- The recent keyboard firmware upgrade for recent MacBook and MacBook Pro models fixes a problem that affects other Macs. (3 messages)

Setting the time format isn't sticking -- The date and time display won't change to another format on a reader's Mac, no matter what solution is tried. (7 messages)

Using Time Machine with SuperDuper -- Now that SuperDuper is now compatible with Leopard, readers discuss the capability to use it along with Time Machine. (10 messages)

TurboTax 2007 doesn't run on MacOSX 10.3.9 -- We're shocked, really. Fortunately, there are alternatives to TurboTax. (3 messages)

Critical update to Office 2008 AutoUpdate (MAU) -- Microsoft has updated its update utility, but some readers discover that the updater doesn't see the update - you need to check for an update in one of the Office 2008 applications. (2 messages)

Syncing Now Up-to-Date & Contact with an iPod touch -- Is it easy or even possible to synchronize this data, or is it time to move to Apple's combination of iCal and Address Book? (1 message)

Permissions on a second internal drive -- Permissions were never a problem for a reader who used a second drive for loose files, but will it be an issue to install Leopard on that disk? (2 messages)

Why would Apple not fully enable iCal on the iPhone? Since the iPhone runs Mac OS X, why are multiple calendars in iCal all crammed together into one on the device? (1 message)

Max Amount of RAM for "Mid 2007" MacBook? Can this machine support more memory than what is noted in the specifications? (7 messages)


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