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Copy Disk Image as Folder

When you open a .dmg file, a disk image is mounted. You are then generally supposed to copy the contents of that disk image to your hard drive (to your Desktop, your Applications folder, or wherever). But what if you want to copy the whole disk image, including all its contents, as a folder? Hold the Option key, and drag the "proxy icon" in the title bar of the disk image window to the destination in the Finder.

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Take Control News: Updated Help for Switching to the Mac

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Author Scott Knaster and editor Caroline Rose, who have collectively written and edited for Apple, NeXT, Microsoft, and Google, have been hard at work on a major update to "Take Control of Switching to a Mac," and the fruits of their labors are now available for us all to enjoy.

What's to enjoy about switching if you already use a Mac? If you've switched only recently, you may still be having withdrawal symptoms that Scott and Caroline can assuage. Or, if you're anything like us, you periodically hear from far-flung friends and relatives who are considering switching and who would like to pick your brain on the best way to go about it. Instead of spending hours going over the basics, simply point them to this ebook, which is packed with advice that will take them every step of the way. Like all Take Control ebooks, it works fine on either a PC or a Mac, and it's easy to tote it around on a laptop, unlike the print tomes on the topic. The ebook covers what's cool (and what's not - we're not whitewashing anything here) about the Mac, setting up a new Mac, moving Windows files to the Mac, learning Mac basics from the perspective of someone who is already knows Windows, using networks and printers, five key Mac features no one should live without, and five especially useful tips. There's also a glossary of Macintosh terms that should help any switcher feel more comfortable with unfamiliar jargon.

"Take Control of Switching to the Mac" 1.5 now covers switching from Windows XP or Vista to Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or 10.5 Leopard. The differences in the various operating systems were sufficiently minor that Scott was able to wrap them all into one book without turning it into a cumbersome reading experience.


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