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Arrange Icons on the iPhone/iPod touch Home Screens

Unhappy with the arrangement of your icons? You can move them around as follows: First, hold down on any Home screen icon until all the icons wiggle. Now, drag the icons to their desired locations (drag left or right to get to other screens). Finally, press the physical Home button on your device. (Unlike earlier releases, iPhone Software 2.1 doesn't move just-updated apps to the end of your Home screens, so your icons should be more stationary once you've installed the update.)

Remember that you can replace Apple's default icons in the four persistent spots at the bottom of the screen with your four most-used apps!

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TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 24-Mar-08

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  • Geophoto 2.0 from Ovolab lets you pan, zoom, and fly through photos in a three-dimensional representation of the planet, generated from high-resolution satellite images. Version 2.0 can now match time stamps on your photos with track points from a GPS and makes it easier to "geotag" photos by positioning them on a street-level map view.
  • Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 2.0 from Apple extends RAW file compatibility for Aperture 2 and iPhoto '08 to a number of new cameras, including the Hasselblad CFV-16, Hasselblad H3D-31, Hasselblad H3D-31II, Leaf Aptus 54S, Leaf Aptus 65S, Nikon D60, Olympus E-3, Pentax *ist DL2, Pentax *ist DS2, Pentax K100D Super, Sony DSLR-A200, and Sony DSLR-A350. Get it via Software Update or as a standalone download.
  • 1Password 2.5.12 from Agile Web Solutions enables the password manager to work with Safari 3.1, adds improvements to the 1Password Reader for Palm, moves 1Password Help into Apple's Help Viewer, adds an assistant for first time users, and adds compatibility with the latest nightly builds of Camino.
  • Time Machine and AirPort Updates 1.0 from Apple includes "compatibility improvements for using Time Machine with Time Capsule, as well as AirPort driver fixes." It's available via Software Update or as a standalone download.
  • Airfoil 3.1.2 from Rogue Amoeba updates their audio-streaming software to handle an incompatibility with the new 802.11n AirPort Express, and version 3.1.3 fixes a bug with the Instant Hijack component revealed by Apple's Security Update 2008-002. Also receiving a new version of Instant Hijack to address this issue are Audio Hijack Pro 2.8.1 and Nicecast 1.9.2.
  • Toast 9 Titanium from Roxio adds support for recording HD content from camcorders, TiVo DVRs, and EyeTV devices to Blu-ray discs or standard DVDs, along with simple editing for trimming unwanted segments before burning. Toast 9 includes the new Roxio Streamer for streaming video content on a home Mac to an iPhone, iPod touch, or other Mac. Also new is the capability to record any audio, including Internet streaming audio, with audio fingerprinting to add title, artist, and genre information automatically.
  • Disc Cover 2 from BeLight Software enhances the company's CD/DVD labeling software with numerous new designs, integration with Apple's Aperture, grouping functionality, support for gradient fills, and integration with the company's Art Text textual graphic software.
  • Narrator 2.0 from Dejal Systems is a major release of the company's text-to-speech utility that can read marked portions of a text document, using different Mac OS X voices and speech attributes for specific passages in a document. New features include export to iTunes or AAC sound files, support for multiple chapters in a document, and substitution of words or phrases for better pronunciation.
  • PDFpen 3.4 from SmileOnMyMac brings significant performance updates and bug fixes to the PDF editing and form-filling tool, which we find invaluable when creating samples of Take Control ebooks.
  • Apple Security Update 2008-002 fixes a host of flaws in Mac OS X 10.4.11 and 10.5.2 (client and server flavors) that could allow a local user to gain privileges or allow a maliciously crafted URL to exploit Tiger or Leopard. Updated components include Apache and PHP.


New for iOS 8: TextExpander 3 with custom keyboard.
Set up short abbreviations which expand to larger bits of text,
such as “Tx” for “TextExpander”. With the new custom keyboard,
you can expand abbreviations in any app, including Safari and
Mail. <>