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Making Macs Shine in a Windows Environment

by Mark H. Anbinder

Those who read about (or watched) Adam's April Fools talk [1] already know about Cornell's IT Architecture Forum, [2] a monthly seminar series I've been organizing for over two years. This month's session, by popular demand, was a roundtable about supporting Macs in a Windows-heavy world, and the session video is online [3] if you'd like to watch it.

We talked about the sharp rise in Mac market share on college campuses [4] and using Entourage as an effective client in a Microsoft Exchange environment, [5] but one of the things that impressed me most was a Cornell staffer's demonstration of using Apple's Workgroup Manager application to manage Active Directory accounts in a Windows Server 2003 environment. has a variety of scripts [6] useful for integrating Mac OS X and Active Directory.