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Take Control News: Ebooks about Screen Sharing and Back to My Mac

by Adam C. Engst

Leopard brought us oodles of new features, including built-in screen sharing and a theoretically seamless way to connect back to your own Macs for both screen sharing and file sharing. With screen sharing, you control the mouse and keyboard of one computer while you sit at another computer across the room or on the other side of the world. It's great for providing remote tech support for family and friends, for configuring and managing remote servers, and for collaborating with colleagues in real time. To help you better work with screen sharing and Back to My Mac, we are pleased to announce the release of two ebooks, both by TidBITS contributing editor Glenn Fleishman. Each title is $10 by itself or you can buy them together for $15:

In case you're wondering, we've confirmed with Apple that the functionality of the Back to My Mac service will not be changing as Apple transitions .Mac to MobileMe (Back to My Mac currently requires that you have a .Mac account). However, some aspects of using Back to My Mac will obviously be changing; for instance, you'll likely be turning on the service in a MobileMe system preference pane in Mac OS X 10.5.4, not in a .Mac preference pane. Meanwhile, we know there are folks who want help with screen sharing and especially Back to My Mac right now, so we're excited to be able to make these books available.

(If you own the second edition of "Take Control of .Mac," you can purchase "Take Control of Back to My Mac" for $5 off; to access the discount, open the PDF of the second edition and then on the cover, click Check for Updates. Scroll down a little on the resulting Check for Updates Web page.)