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TidBITS Events at Macworld SF 2009

by TidBITS Staff

The New Year's champagne will still be bubbling in our bellies when we depart for our annual trip to Macworld Expo [1] in San Francisco (05-Jan-09 to 09-Jan-09). Here's our current schedule, and please do come by and say hello!

Note that once again Macworld Expo takes place in both the new Moscone West and the old Moscone South, so plan for some walking time between the two and pay attention to booth numbers. If there are any changes or additions, or if we learn about more room numbers, we'll update this article on our Web site, so check back there for the latest right before the show.

Tuesday, January 6th -- Most of our attention on Tuesday will be focused on the keynote, but Joe will be tearing himself away several times.

Wednesday, January 7th -- We have a slew of presentations on Wednesday.

Thursday, January 8th -- Things settle down a bit on Thursday, with fewer talks throughout the day.

Friday, January 9th -- As part of the Macworld Pulse program, Adam will be giving a talk on how technology is not - and should not be - value-neutral. We're not yet certain of the location, and the time hasn't been set for this talk yet, but it should be sometime on Friday morning. Since Friday is also Tristan's 10th birthday, we're planning to bring him to the show for the morning and then cut out a bit early in the afternoon.

Even More -- Looking for more to do? First, check out the Macworld Show Highlights [3], and then be sure to skim through all the events in Ilene Hoffman's annual Hess Memorial Macworld Expo Events List [4], now updated for 2009.