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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk for 05-Jan-09

by Jeff Carlson

Labels & Addresses Restores Holiday Card Sanity -- Readers share alternatives to using Address Book for printing cards and envelopes. (8 messages [1])

Writer's submission tracking software for the Mac? A reader is looking for Mac software to track a writer's submissions. (3 messages [2])

Converting from Now Up-to-Date to iCal and BusySync -- Adam's article prompts discussion of calendar software, limitations of iCal, and syncing event data. (13 messages [3])

Lesson Learned: Back Up, Keep Instructions -- A reader learns the hard way what happens when RAM in a laptop gets knocked out of its seating. (2 messages [4])

Backblaze Launches Mac Beta of Online Backup Service -- Is one's Internet connection the only factor that would cause slow online backup uploads, or does performance depend on the vendor? (4 messages [5])

Mac OS X 10.5.6 Update Problems -- Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.5.6 is causing problems for some people working with Adobe Creative Suite 3. (3 messages [6])

Apple Adds Nearly Instant MobileMe Sync in 10.5.6 -- A reader details some of the overlooked improvements to Mac OS X 10.5.6. (2 messages [7])

Hand held GPS and the Mac -- Looking to buy a handheld GPS device? TidBITS readers weigh in with their experiences. (6 messages [8])

Steve Jobs and Macworld -- What does the exit of Apple - and a Steve Jobs keynote - from Macworld Expo mean for the company and its CEO? (23 messages [9])

Macworld Expo: The Long Decline -- A reader thinks Macworld Expo has outlived its usefulness, but others see various benefits. (4 messages [10])

Fiwi Improves Finder Window Management -- A free AppleScript script written by a TidBITS reader offers similar functionality to a utility for managing Finder windows. (6 messages [11])

Wireless keyboard problem -- Universal Access preferences are the culprit when an Apple wireless keyboard begins to misbehave. (6 messages [12])

ADB power on/off key -- Some new products can intelligently provide power to supplemental devices based on whether the computer is running or not. (5 messages [13])

Disappearing Email -- When a Mac stops receiving email despite proof that the account is still working, where do you begin to troubleshoot? Readers offer their suggestions. (10 messages [14])

iTunes no longer auto-launches when iPhone is connected -- A dearth of available memory is blamed for iTunes not launching to sync an iPhone. (3 messages [15])

AirPort Base Station problem -- Trying to reset an original AirPort base station to its factory conditions proves difficult. (2 messages [16])

Out of Date iCal Alarm -- A number of troubleshooting suggestions help a reader get closer to figuring out why alarms are appearing days late. (5 messages [17])

Hard drive rejects long file names -- A question about backing up data to hard drives ends up as a discussion of how much data fits on optical media. (7 messages [18])

Remote Turns Apple TV into Music Source -- Readers chime in with troubles they're having with AirPort Express devices. (5 messages [19])

Is there any difference in MobileMe products? Extending a MobileMe subscription by ordering it through is often cheaper than via Apple directly, but are there differences in the boxed versions? (3 messages [20])

Secure Certificate Hack Doesn't Imperil Users -- Fixing a vulnerability could take longer than Glenn Fleishman hopes in his article, but who needs to talk about that when we can discuss World War II Enigma encryption? (9 messages [21])